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Especially during these difficult economic times, our careers are extremely important to all of us.

We take the responsibilty of having charge over our workers, and influence on their lives, very seriously.

We provide a secure work atmosphere, and treat our employees with respect and compassion.
All receive $1,000.00 Christmas bonuses, and our "Foreman of the Year," is awarded a special gift thought to be something that will truly impact their lives.

Last year, the Winner was gifted a very nice 1994 Toyota Truck that we purchased on Craigslist, and had Inspected.

That gift allowed him to have dependable transportation, and provided him with the ability to earn small monies aside from his earnings with us.

This year's winner was awarded a new  Dell/Pentium Laptop, and we're working to teach him how to gain access to the Internet.

Since he doesn't have Internet access at his home, we've been meeting with him each week at our local Starbucks to guide him through the basics.

There is magic in empowering others to take charge of their future, and promote greater self-worth and intellectual growth.

We have special people, dedicated to providing a quality product, and they are rewarded well for their dedication.

Because we are extremely cautious as to who we hire, we've never had cause to fire anyone.

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