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  Our Owner has been sending “Snow Emails" since 1999.
We're told years before any other company.

They allow our clients in “real time” to monitor and participate in the formulation of our snow plans, and for others, they provide a “cross reference” to compare with their contractor’s plan.


Our emails are sent within 24 hours of an impending snow/ice event, and list the latest forecast, whether or not we believe pre-treatments are necessary, and what time our crews will be on mobilized.


We also follow up with an “after the event note” that lists what "actual conditions were," and "precisely what services were performed."

Unlike many of our competitors that surprise their clients with high bills weeks after an event, our clients have a record of what we planned, actually did, and why, within 24 hours after an event.


These informative notes were originally intended only for Capital Grounds Clients, and their agents, but through requests and soliciations, the list of those desirous to receive them has grown to over 1,250 local Property Managers, Developers, and HOA Board Members (past and present).

It is said they're extremely helpful to those charged with paying, mediating, or disputing bills when they arrive weeks later, because they allow "quick review" of what was forecasted, what ocurred, and other helpful mentions particular to any given event.

This is especially the case when we get more than one Snow/Ice Event in any given billing cycle.

We've been told that some Property Managers actually forward our "Pre-storm Emails" to their Snow Removal Contractors to assist them with their plans.

We love that, and our "Snow Notes" are just another example of our creative and honest approach to service.

They are authored by our Owner, and list his personal observations as seen on site.

He has driven through every Snow and Ice Event for over 25 years.

River Road, Potomac, MD. (2010/26" Snow)


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