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"Nobody does Snow better!"

Our Owner has been providing timely and professional Snow and Ice Removal Services since 1983, for many large communites such as Stonebridge HOA in Potomac, as well as all the Federal Government Buildings in Rockville.

There is no person with more windshield time or first hand experience in providing large property snow removal services.

Bartley has driven "through" every Snow and Ice Event for over 30 years, and over the past decade has established himself as a valued source of real time information for over 1,300 local Property Managers, and HOA BOD Members, through his "Snow Email blogs."

It is very unlikely that any Property Manager in the DC Metro area are not on our list.


In the "old days" most contracts were structured such that no services were to occur until there was an accumulation of 2" of snow, and salt applications were only applied as topical treatments, after ice had already formed.

In recent years, largely influenced by increased litigation, the standard has shifted from "Snow Removal," to "Liability Protection."

It is now incumbant upon those charged with maintaining communities to not only protect their budgets on the front side, but also to best protect them legally, making certain all is done to prevent slippery conditions.

Taking this into account, "pre-treatments" to prevent ice from forming and adhering to hard surfaces has become an essential part of Snow Removal Operations.

Of course, with this increased standard, comes increased costs.

Our goal is to keep all client sites open as best we can through creative application of our plowing assets.

We do not perform service like most of our competitors, so as to have some client sites completely cleared, while others remain unvisited

In an effort to ensure timely service for all clients in equal measure, we pledge during the week to provide service to each site during morning and evening rush hours (6-9:00 am/4-7:00 pm).

To achieve this goal we've adopted what we reference as "Phase #1 and Phase #2 Plowing."

Phase #1 ~ We perform quick plowing of drive isles, and apply ice melting agents. Our goal is simply to keep our client sites open.

Phase #2 ~ Once the storm has ended, we return to perform a more time consuming and detailed cleanup.

~ Dishonest Contractors ~
During deep snow events, dishonest or incompetent contractors wait for storms to end, and allow their clients to get "snowed in," then they flood client sites with expensive and slow working construction equipment.

Considering that a Skid Loader costs twice as much per hour as compared to a Plow Truck, and works less than half as fast, it's easy to understand why some contractors love to use them to clear snow.

The only time a Skid Loader should be used is at Commercial sites that require all parking spaces to be cleared.

As it pertains to sidewalk clearing, of course a machine can remove snow much faster than a worker with a shovel.
Workers with shovels will always be part of any sidewalk clearing operation, but they should not be dispatched or organized such that any group exceeds more than 3-4 working at any given area, for obvious reasons.

Many contractors flood clients sites with personnel more concerned with profit and riding clock then completing their tasks efficiently, and that's stealing, and why whenever possible we counsel our clients to ask for a "set fee clearing price," over "hourly rate service."

A compromise position would be to at least demand that your service provider give a "general range price" for clearing your sidewalks.

 ~ Pricing Snow Removal ~

* Contractors prefer "Hourly Rate Agreements."
* Clients should request "Set Fee" or "Per Push" agreements.
* No Contractor would mobilize a Skid Loader to clear Drive Isles under a Set Fee Agreement.
* To not complete work as quickly as possible is "stealing."

See Pages titled "The Capital Difference,"


~ This pic was taken from our owners plow truck during a blizzard in 2010 ~

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