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The "once in a generation" snow fall accumulations of 2009-10 caused much burden on client budgets. 

In an effort to provide relief, we were motivated late in the season to forward the note shown below to all those on our "Snow Email List."

Because no further snow fell last year, we carried our generousity over to the following winter (2010-11) and performed "our first Service for Free."

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, March 03, 2010 4:05 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients
Subject: Free Snow Removal:)

In an effort to allow Capital Grounds LLC Clients to "close the check book" on this devastating year of snow, we make the following pledge. 

If we get anymore snow this year, we will "Plow for Free" any Capital Grounds LLC Sites for which Clients are either "paid in full" or have "come to terms to make payments."

For us, that's 95% of our clients. 

No one could have anticipated the incredible amount of snow, or the high monies earned by those in our industry this year. 

We fully understand the burden of those charged with paying large unexpected bills during a down economy, and are dedicated to demonstrating to our clients that we are part of the team, and, in this together.

We at Capital Grounds LLC have voluntarily lowered costs on many past invoices by 10% or greater, and are now pledging to give back to those kind enough to employ us, "this gift." 

We are dedicated to providing quality service, thinking outside the box, and outflanking our competitors.

To the many hundreds of Property Managers and HOA Board Members that receive our Snow Notes, but have not yet to work with us, we ask that you challenge your contractors to match our pledge.

When we say "Setting Industry Standards," we really meant it.

Our offer is limited to a single event, not exceeding 4". For events over 4", only our per inch increase charges will apply.

Respectfully yours,

Bartley Rutley

Owner/President Capital Grounds LLC

Grounds Maintenance/Landscaping/Snow Removal


~ Setting Industry Standards ~

~ Over 25 Years Experience ~

Pic below was taken from our Owner's Plow Truck, during a blizzard in 2010

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