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                         ~ The Capital Difference ~           

* We invest heavily in the communities we service in ways ranging from providing free services during our "Community Cleanup Days," to our adopting each community's local elementary schools and assisting their volunteers each spring with their spring cleanup efforts. 

* Pictures of a few School Cleanup events can be seen on pages titled "Tilden School Cleanup" and "Twin Ridge Elementary School Cleanup."  

* During our "Community Cleanup Days," our managers work alongside community volunteers, and when tasks are completed, we haul all debris from site for free.  

* These events allow our clients to save thousands of dollars in needed services by helping with their completion.

We also:

* use modern trucks and equipment.

* equip our mowers with leaf plows  in the fall that allow us to quickly move large piles of leaves.

* have rubber tipped snow plow edges, that prevent damage to hard-surfaces, and lessen noise.

* have "locked in prices for life" for 100% of our clients.

perform many services at no cost in an effort to build trust and foment a positive work relationship. See page titled "Free Services."

* do not believe charging late fees in addition to that owed helps us if the goal is to promote long term associations.

perform Background Checks on all our Employees.

* required our workers to wear full uniforms, and carry hand pruners on their belts.

* do not change crews. They are assigned the same clients each week. It is important that our clients know who we're sending to their communities each week.
* pledge to return "all calls and emails" within 24 hours, 7 days a week. All our clients have our owner's cell phone number.

* pledge to have a manager respond on site, within 24 hours.

* instruct our crews to take "pride of ownership" of their assigned properties. This means they are taught to see the whole picture, not just limit their efforts to those tasks shown in contract.

* pay our employees well, which allows us to be very selective as to who we hire, and our workers are polite and respectful.

* You'll never see Capital Grounds employees laying in the grass during their lunch breaks. They are all professionals that take their jobs seriously.

* are available on short notice to have our portfolio managers attend Board Meetings.

* offer to participate in, sponsor, and judge community  landscape competitions for those communities with active and enthusiastic residents.

* create detailed hand drawn maps of each client site, to assist us with our Inspections Reports. See page titled "Site Maps."

* I
nspect our sites frequently, and create detailed reports monthly.      * See page titled "Inspection Reports."  

* create “picture documents” and included them alongside our standard proposals in an effort to help our clients to easily understand what tasks are being described and priced, and where each is to occur. Our clients love them! * See page titled "Est-a-maps."

* prepare detailed quarterly reports.
   See page titled "Quarterly Reports."

use square head shovels and carve deep 2-3" edges, and haul all edging debris from site.

* remove excess old mulch, before apply new.
Excess mulch can smother plants.

offer "differed snow billing" that gives our clients the option to pay for Snow Removal Services over 12 months with no interest.

* forward informative "Snow Emails" many hours prior to each Snow or Ice Event that list the latest forecast, and precisely what our "Plan of Action" will be, for any given event, including estimated times of service.

* follow-up after each Snow/Ice Event with a brief "After the Event Snow Email," that lists what services were performed and include
NOAA Snowfall Totals.

This allows our clients to know precisely what the cost for service was for any given storm, within 24 hours after service is completed.

We started sending our Snow Emails to our clients in 1999, and through requests and solicitations, the list of those desirous to receive our notes is now 1,253 local Property Managers, HOA BOD Members, and Developers.

See our page titled "Snow Emails."

* prefer "Set Fee Agreements" based on a "Per Event Cost," over "Pay by the Hour" or "By the Push" ones. 

Such agreements provide peace of mind for our clients, and motivate us to finish our work quickly.

Unlike many of our competitors, we'll never flood a Client Site with too many assets, more concerned about registering "billable hours" over finishing tasks quickly.

* provide all clients Snow Removal Services in equal measure by employing our Phase #1/Phase #2 Snow plowing method.
* See page titled "Snow Removal."

* return to our client sites after each storm and blow-off excess "Ice Melt" at no cost to prevent Ice Melting agents from damaging concrete surfaces.

Though "Safe Step" type products are less harmful to concrete, when left in place on dry surfaces, they do cause damage, perhaps not visible until months later.

Many companies pledge to use "safer and more costly products," on concrete surfaces, then use "Straight Salt," to increase profit.

If straight salt is left on dry concrete sidewalks it will surely cause significant damage.

During the winter of 2009-10, our clients, like most others, had their budgets decimated by repeated heavy snow falls.

No one could have anticipated the windfall profits earned by those in our industry, and we thought it good policy to ease the burden on those kind enough to employ us, by
lowering many client bills by 10%, and allowing others to spread payments over 12 months.

One of our largest Grounds Maintenance HOA clients approached us in spring of 2010, and requested we offer relief so they could get caught up paying their Snow Contractor.
Our response was to postpone mulching service for 1 year, and delay their monthly installments for 9 months. We never sent them a bill until the September.

* See page titled "Blizzards of 2010."

* offer to sponsor the gift giving portion of Christmas for one family in need, per HOA Community. We can either provide funds in the sum of $300.00, or purchase items from a wish list.

Respectful of all faiths, of course, we're open to any suggestions that may provide needed relief during the end of the year holiday season, regardless of observance or affiliation.






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