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Free Services 

In an industry nortorious for companies that bid low to get work, then charge for any task or service not in their contract, we opt to bid "Fair Range," then, in an effort to foment a positive working relationship, we perform many tasks at no cost such as:

* The removal of dead ornamental trees and shrubs, including rootmasses.

* Supply and installation of replacement trees and shrubs.

* Draught Protection (500 gallons of water delivered).

* Supply and installation of Playmat/soft mulch to tot lots.

* Policing of common walkways and curblines for low hanging limbs.

* One day free labor to assist HOA Board Members with any Community Project.

* Hauling from site 1 large truck load of debris per season.

* One day warm weather Skid Loader Service.

* One Free Snow Plowing Service per Season

* Full Mow and Snow Services for a resident in need.

* Planting a tree in memoriam of a neighbor passed.

* Over-seeding bare patches in turf (each of our workers carries a small sack of grass seed).

* The removal of old tree stakes.

* Re-staking of leaning ornamental trees.

* Off-season policing of common areas for trash.

* Monthly clearing of storm drain inlets.

* Removal of bees nests (to 20’).

* Each fall, we mow all town home front lawns at our HOA Communities that include in contract only common areas.

* Some free services listed are for our larger HOA client sites, where the budgets measure in the tens of thousands per year.

* We reserve the option to limit free services.


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