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      This note was sent to all our customers, then we got snow the following Monday. Several Clients opted to renew, lock in prices for life, and save thousands.


Free Snow Removal:)
Date: Fri, Feb 18, 2011 8:29 am

Last year mid-March, in an effort to allow all Capital Grounds clients to close the book on a devastating year of snow, we pledged to perform any remaining snow services for free.
Because no further snow fell, we carried our generosity over to this year, and did not bill for Event #1.
This year, we'd like to do the same, save for to raise the bar, by making our offer 4 weeks earlier.
This is quite a risk for us, since it's not uncommon to get 2-3 more Snow/Ice events after mid Feb., and the forecast for this Monday is snow.
Our offer is as follows:
For any clients that would like to extend our existing agreements for an additional 2 years, we will "lock in all your prices for life," and perform any remaining Snow Work this winter, including Ice Melt Applications, at our expense.
For our Grounds Maintenance Clients that have others perform snow removal services, our offer is also valid.
Considering all of our existing clients have signed with us a minimum of 3 times before, and fuel, material, insurance, and labor prices will surely rise, our offer to save should be well received.
As a new company, now entering our 3rd year of service, we believe our path to success, if the goal is to increase market share, is to maintain our original client base, then add slowly to their ranks.
To that end, we are today expressing our appreciation with "deeds over words," to all those that gave us the opportunity to serve, though we had no history, save for our owner's reputation.
Since the most important ingredient of any product or service is "value," today's action should leave no doubt that we are dedicated to providing precisely that.
To permanently forego our CPI increases alone will save our clients many thousands.
Through quality service, presented timely and efficiently, married with value, it is certain Capital Grounds LLC will be an organization that leads the industry in coming years, and sets standards.
To those Property Managers, Developers, and HOA Board Members that have not yet communicated with us, we ask that you visit our website learn more about our company, and add us to your vender's list.
The most important pages at our website are titled "the Capital Difference, Capital Employees, and Capital Charities."
As it pertains to Agents that employ others, we ask that you to challenge your service providers to match our offer.
Considering many are predicting fuel prices will likely reach and remain at nearly $4.00 per gallon in the coming months, it may be a good time to lock in prices with those you prefer.
Of course, our hope is that this will be the last "Snow Email" sent this year.
Wishing everyone a wonderful and prosperous year.
Owner/Capital Grounds LLC
Commercial Grounds Management/Snow Removal
301-829-6330 office
301-712-5839 cell
CAI Member
~ Setting Industry Standards ~
P  Please consider the environment before printing this email. 
* We began sending "pre-storm snow emails" to our 30+ clients in 1999, and they are now welcomed by over 1,050 local Prop. Mgrs, Developers, and HOA BOD Mems.
* They are authored by our Owner, serve as a real time cross reference to what others are planning, and as a record of what occurred, weeks later when bills arrive.
* Our "after the event notes" include observations seen by our Owner from his plow truck. He has worked every snow and ice event in Mont. Co. MD. for over 25 years
* Please note, our notes represent a "snapshot in time" as it pertains to the "latest forecast" and "plan of action." Conditions and plans change like the weather.
* Our client sites are primarily HOA Communities, and Potomac, MD. Residential Sites.

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